Panic at the Ceilidh is an exciting new band on the London folk scene. The chaps met while they were students at King's College London, and decided to get together properly as a band after graduating. One of the things they enjoy most is taking the good old trad tunes, and having a bit of fun with them, adding a modern twist or something like that.

The band are available for ceilidhs, pub sessions, corporate events, weddings, and any other event that needs livening up with a few tunes. They're just at home around suits and ties as they are with a few pints and some pork scratchings, so whatever you're planning, get in touch and see how we might be able to help out!


A ceilidh is a great way to get all your guests up and dancing at your wedding reception.


What pub is really complete without a few good old drinking songs, and maybe a shanty or two?


Be it subtle background music for a drinks reception, or a fantastic office party, we have much experience working with corporates.

Have a look at some of our videos here.

This is just a sample, we have a repertoire of over 200 folk songs and tunes, and are always happy to learn more.

All of our recordings are uploaded on our YouTube or Soundcloud, so check them out and let us know what you think!


John is the band's caller. Normally to be found prancing around in a skirt.


Joe is our guitarist and singer. He looks like he might be Scottish, but isn't.


Benny plays the fiddle. He also cracks the jokes (far too often).


Eddy hits a box. He does it very well, but doesn't do much else...

What's a Ceilidh?

A ceilidh is a traditional Celtic event, which involves people from the local community coming together for an evening of music, dance, and frivolity. It was a central event, and no-one was ever left alone or excluded.

We believe strongly that society today needs some more of this traditional Celtic spirit, and are doing this as best we can with our own unique take on the traditional tunes, dances, and social gatherings.

The best way to find out what a Ceilidh really is, is to come along to one. Why not join us at our next open ceilidh? We're taking a break during the current COVID-19 situation, but will be back whenever it is safe to do so!

Get in touch

We always love to hear from people, whether it's for a quote for an event, to hear what people think of our tunes, or just to invite us out for a drink. The best way to get in touch is this email address:

You can also find us elsewhere on the internet, on the social medias. You can find all the links at the bottom of the page.